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Atualização season 14

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Do servidor Padrão para ingressar ao Server teste


Use the same Login / Password
From the default server to join the test server

[!][S14] Fixed Sealed Itens MIX
[!][S14] Fixed Spot's in Kubera Mine
[!][S14] Temporarily removed AG cost from spells
[!][S14] Fixed Drop Elemental Symbol
[!][S14] Fixed Kundun Symbol Drop RATE
[!][S14] Fixed Low/Righ Refine Stone
[!][S14] Fixed Exp in Kubera Mine
[!][S14] Fixed Arka War Damage 40%

[!][S14] Fixed /post command issues
[!][S14] Fixed Switch UI system issues
[+][S14] Renamed selection of lua functions in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua (ElfHeal -> ElfHeal_Level1)
[!][S14] Fixed Game Server crash


[!][S14] Fixed jewels 14,500-508 do not stack automatically
[+][S14] Updated exp table for levels 800-1100 (ExpCalc.lua)
[+][S14] Added missing "Exc" attribute to SetItemMonsterBag.xml
[+][S14] Added lang bits to file (English.xml -> 757-760)
[!][S14] Fixed Kanturu event terrains
[+][S14] Renamed selection of lua functions in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua


(Sleep_Monster -> Sleep_Monster_Level1, Sleep_PvP -> Sleep_PvP_Level1, SummonerWeakness_Monster -> SummonerWeakness_Monster_Level1
SummonerWeakness_PvP -> SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level1, SummonerInnovation_Monster -> SummonerInnovation_Monster_Level1
SummonerInnovation_PvP -> SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level1, RageFighterDarkSideIncDamage -> RageFighterDarkSideIncDamage_Master)


[!][S14] Fixed issue that was applying exp while staying in safe zone
[!][S14] Fixed ability to "block" Nixie Lake event by a player
[!][S14] Fixed ability to use custom jewels while they are disabled in jewels manager
[!][S14] Fixed Jewel of Kondar use on full exc item and adjusted its functionality to work up to 9 exc options [Divine Weapon]
[!][S14] Fixed 4th Enhanced Dark Side skill damage issue
[!][S14] Fixed unavailability quests in Zyro NPC
[!][S14] Fixed inventory expansion quest issues
[!][S14] Fixed an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters
[!][S14] Fixed selection of options not workin in Blue Eye items
[!][S14] Fixed Errtels upgrade invalid element issue
[!][S14] Fixed SQLSTATE error related to Quest System
[!][S14] Fixed Game Server vulnerability
[!][S14] Fixed Game Server crash (x2)
[!][S14] Fixed OffAttack 24hrs
[!][S14] Added Box of Ruud in Scramble Event [100x Ruud]
[!][S14] Fixed Muun Exchange Shop
[!][S14] Ajusted Dimension Mirror Ruud Box
[!][S14] Fixed Spot's in Kubera Mine
[!][S14] Mirror of Dimension Reseted

[!][S14] Fixed Guild System [N / Guild / List Name]
[!][S14] Party System Need Create Party Like [NameParty]
[!][S14] Have Problem with /gpost /post. Will be resolved within 24 hours [By IGG]


Sistema de Referencia!

-No primeiro depósito de uma conta, o dono da referencia registrada na conta ganha 10% do valor em dinheiro em forma de bônus, o bônus pode ser trocado por WCoinC no painel do usuário.

-Streamers agora tem um espaço para colocar suas lives.



Reference System!

-In the first deposit of an account, the reference owner of the account earns 10% of the cash value in the form of a bonus, the bonus can be exchanged for WCoinC in the user panel.

-Streamers now have a place to put their lives.

Loguin da Conta

Informações do servidor

Versão Season 14.2
Experiencia 50x
Exp ML 50x
Exp Enchantment 45x
Drop 35%
Style Hard

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